Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Very Danish Christmas - Advent and All

Just starting to load up the calendars with the 24 days of Christmas...presents!

You can find some more crafty ideas here


Kelly said...

Wow! That must take a long time to fill all those advent calendars.
The calendars look homemade too. Did you make them? Beautiful!
I just get the chocolate filled ones from the church. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We have a few advent calendars--my favorite is a replica of the one we had growing up--my mom made it for me. It's a tree and you velcro an ornament on each day.

Kim Kasch said...

These ones were made by my MIL but I have made some. I'm hoping to get a post done about the Stockings I've made too - X'd that's my fingers. So much to do - so little time ;)

Kelly: We buy the chocolate filled ones too. Oink-oink.

GG: I still have my stocking my Mom made for me when I was about 8.

Rena said...

Those are great, Kim! How fun it must be to fill them all up. I have a nativity one that hangs on the wall. And the boys always get the chocolate ones. First thing they do before school is scarf down a piece of chocolate. Sigh!