Friday, December 31, 2010

Earth-Friendly in More Ways than One

I’ve ridden my bike to work a few times but want to try to do it more often this spring. Unfortunately, I’m one of those fair-weathered riders. And, I know I need to toughen up—at least a little.

Lucky for me, I have some inspiration right around my own office. One of my friends rides her bike to work every day—rain or shine. And, believe me, in Portland, Oregon, it’s more often rain than shine.

She’s a true inspiration.

But, on top of that, she just told me about Trek Eco, it’s a sustainable biking company. They build and sell bikes that have been made out of recycled materials. Now, how cool is that? Not only is she doing her part by riding to work on her bike, but her bike is doing its part too by being earth-friendly from the start.


Lily Robinson said...

I love that! I'm big on recycling. My blog stuff only touches the surface. I grab all kinds of trash and make it into crap. Oh, well... when I do it, it feels worthwhile.

Rena said...

That's great. I love bike riding, too. I'm hoping to go on more rides once the weather is a little less snowy. Ha!

Good luck with your rides!