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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

An Attitude of Gratitude

It's really easy this year to be discouraged, frustrated and angry but at this time of the year it's important to remember all the things we still have to be thankful for. So take a moment ...

And think of all the big and small blessings you have in your life then nurture that attitude of gratitude. It's like watering a garden, with a little effort you'll see beautiful things start to grow.

And always remember to smile.

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with great food and family. And even if you can't all be together, take time to talk, laugh and remember to nurture an attitude of gratitude. 

Monday, November 23, 2020


 Hope is  like a flower

It begins in a small, tentative way...

Then it starts to bud

After a bit, it begins to peek out and show itself

Then it opens up to the world

And with hope, you can't stop it from growing

It soars for the sky and stars . . . 

So, remember to be hopeful and nourish your thankful thoughts