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Wednesday, October 19, 2022


With so many people stressed out, you might think I'm pulling out my hair but that's not the case here. I know that there are a lot of people struggling to fall asleep. So, I thought I'd do an ASMR hair brushing video with the soothing sounds of hair streaming through the bristles of my brush and floating past the tongs of my comb. Plus, who doesn't love the warm comforting sensation and sounds of blow drying on a chilly fall day? So, if you're looking for something to help you get to sleep, this ASMR video might be the trick you need to unwind and fall asleep so you can wake up refreshed to face a new day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022


If you're looking for the 10 BEST HAUNTED HOUSES IN PORTLAND, OREGON

to drive by or simply wander past, this is the list you're looking for:

Simply visit my google maps with this link and you can download the locations right to your phone so you can get directions on how to find each of these Haunted Houses:

1)    5111 NE ALAMEDA

A MUST-NOT MISS HAUNTED HOUSE with GHOSTS, SKELETONS AND WEBS that are waiting for you on your stroll. So, make sure to pass by this haunted Halloween house. Decorated with spooktacular skeletons that are just dying to greet you in this Alameda neighborhood that you’ll not want to miss this.

2)    5519 NE ALAMEDA

GHOSTS, SKELETONS AND WEBS are waiting for you on your stroll down Alameda. So, make sure to pass by this haunted Halloween house while you're on Alameda. Decorated with spooktacular skeletons that are just dying to greet you in this Alameda neighborhood that you’ll not want to miss this.

3)    4735 NE ALAMEDA

DRAGONS, SPIDERS & SKELETONS - Egads!!! These scary characters are haunting to greet you in Alameda.

4)    4631 NE ALAMEDA

A BOO-tiful Sight to See with Giant spiders and loads of pumpkins create a real boo…tiful Alameda neighborhood experience.

5)    3229 NE Glisan Street

GIANT GHOULS haunting a household cemetery with a marvelous morgue. Easy to find location worth a stroll to check it out but if you don't have time for a leisurely walk, definitely worthy of a drive-by to check out all the work that went into these spectacular Halloween decorations.

6)    3236 NE Glisan Street

GIANT WEB AND SPIDER right across the street from another worthy location to meander past on your Haunted Halloween search. It's easy to take a quick walk down Glisan and check out the haunted houses sitting nearly next to each other and this house will add to your spooktacular experience.

7)   4845 NE Everett Street

GREEN GHOSTLY OOGIE BOOGIE, with spiders and ghosts are sure to give you a thrill as they float around this North Tabor yard.

8)   5932 SE Lincoln Street

RED-EYED ARACHNID (must see at night to get the glowing eyes) you don’t want to miss this Giant long-legged arachnid and skeleton that are sure to haunt your memories long after Halloween floats away into the past. So, don't miss this Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Haunt

This is a side view of Audrey II and a rambling skeleton. 

9)   214 NE 58th Street

GHOST BUSTERS' Pillsbury dough boy haunts this North Tabor House not to mention the large inflatable Spiders and skeletons just waiting to greet you


10) GIANT JACK SKELLINGTON and Sally are waiting to meet you in this North Tabor Neighborhood. Just be careful that these sights don't create a Nightmare Before Christmas for you. And while you’re here check out the hauntingly humble decorations littered around the yard.

If you visit any of these sights, let me know in the comment section below. 


Remember, here's the map location to each of these spooktacular sites:

Monday, October 17, 2022

Slate Tiling Walkway Project

Lars was extending our slate walkway and we thought maybe someone else might be looking for some information on how to lay slate or repair some tiles. This video shows you how to lay tiles and make them look professionally installed. If you're interested in seeing how you can build a patio or a walkway this video will outline the steps for you. And if, after you watch this video, you have any questions, please feel free to submit them in the comment section below and Lars will be sure to try and answer them for you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022


If you're looking for a quick craft for Halloween, here's an easy project you can do with your kids.
Simply sketch a character and cut him out...

If you're interested in seeing how I made this window decoration, watch the short video below. And I hope you have a Hauntingly Fun Time!

Saturday, October 1, 2022


If you need to get to sleep, why not try ASMR to help you relax so you can fall asleep.
The soft-spoken tones along with the oddly satisfying sounds of crunchy hair brushing will lull you to sleep.

Simply click on the video below.