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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Writerly Wednesday - 5 Helpful Sites for Writers to Use on their Journey down the Path to Publication

 I thought I would provide my writer friends with a list of helpful websites that I have used in the past and found them to be valuable resources. I used these links to help me organize queries, find agents to submit  writing to, and some even helped me connect with other writers in the writing community.

My helpful links are: 

1)    Search for Literary Agents | QueryTracker

2)    Publishers Marketplace: Browse Member Pages

3)    AgentQuery :: Find the Agent Who Will Find You a Publisher

4)    The Official Manuscript Wish List & #MSWL ® Website


I wish you all well on your journey down the path to publication.  

Please let  me know if you find these links helpful, as I would really like to find valuable resources for others to use to help them meet their goals and writing needs. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter Bunny Cake 2021 versus Easter Bunny Cake 2020

 I made this Easter Bunny cake to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. I made the bunny out of fondant and painted the face with food coloring.

Fondant being Rolled Out

This is what the fondant looked like as I started rolling it out.

Then I started building the face.

Making the Fondant Bunny

 You can watch the video here: to see how I did  it.

But last year I made another Easter Bunny cake

I made this bunny the same way...sort of. He is covered in fondant too but his face was created not painted on with edible food coloring.

You can see the process through these photos I took as I made him last year. 

So, which cake do you like better- the 2020 version or the 2021 version?

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Easter Bunny Cookie Lollipops and Truffle Lollipops

If you're looking for a fun food craft, here it is. Making homemade bunny lollipops. If you're interested in how I did it, check out the short video below.

And Hoppy Easter!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Flosstube Episode with Hoppy Easter Shirt made with Waste Canvas

Hoppy Easter Bunny Shirt

I wanted to make something to wear for the Easter holiday. So I decided to cross-stitch a t-shirt. And, I talked my sister into making one too. 

It's a super simple pattern I sketched out on graph paper and then went to work stitching it up. I used waste canvas to get my counted cross-stitch pattern on the shirt. First, I whip-stitched the canvas onto the t-shirt... and, well, if you want to see how I did it, simply click on the link below or visit my YouTube channel at KimKasch

And let me know if you think this bunny looks like a Peep. Plus, if you watch my short video, let me know  if you think I chose the right color for the bunny - from the choices I had. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

5 of the Best Literary Agents that Represent Children’s Books

 1)  Stephen Barbara

Agency: Inkwell Management – Top book genre: Children’s Books: Young Adult Fiction

Stephen is always drawn to compelling stories that marry quality writing to bold, imaginative concepts.

Email: submissions [at] inkwellmanagement [dot] com

2)  Daniel Lazar

Agency: Writers House – Top book genre: Children’s Books: Middle Grade Fiction

Daniel is on the lookout for distinct fiction and great, lively non-fiction. He represents adult and children's books and focuses mainly on middle grade and YA. He loves stories that introduce him to new worlds -- or recreate ones he may already know. He especially loves historical fiction. For non-fiction, he enjoys history, memoirs, narrative non-fiction, all stripes and studies of pop-culture, and gifty books that make him smile. He’s a huge fan of graphic novels and memoirs, and is excited to hear from cartoonists of all backgrounds; illustrated or photography books are a specialty. He’s intrigued by any book with unique views on parenting and family life.

Email: dlazar [at]  WritersHouse [dot] com

3)  Holly McGhee

Agency: Pippin Properties – Top book genre: Children’s Books: Picture book

Holly McGhee only accepts exclusive queries and requires four weeks to consider.

Holly is dedicated to shepherding books that make a difference into the world.

Please check her website but email: ExclusivetoHolly [at]  pippinproperties [dot]  com

4) Kristin Nelson

Agency:  Nelson Literary Agency – Top book genre: Children’s Books: Young Adult Fiction

Kristin is currently closed to submissions but check her website often to see if things change.

Her #MSWL includes:

Young adult novels that pack a serious or a delightful emotional punch delivered in a contemporary setting, #ownvoices, or in a past, future, or imagined world.

Middle grade novels full of heart, magical worlds, girl power, boy adventure, #ownvoices, brains over brawn.

5) Laura Rennert

Agency:  Andrea Brown Literary Agency – Top book genre: Children’s Books: Young Adult Fiction

Laura gravitates toward gorgeously written, weirdly idiosyncratic, and refreshingly unexpected. The common threads in the projects Laura represents are conflicted, dynamic characters; a fresh, strong voice; an unusual point of view; and vivid world-building. She loves reimagined literary traditions that are captivatingly new. She loves books that play with commercial tropes, with surprising emotional depth.

Email: ljrennert [at]  mac [dot] com 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Flosstube Episode and Easter Egg Crafts

I finally finished my first ever cross-stitch pattern and hung it up on the door for Easter. It isn't perfect, but what in life really is ;D

I'm happy to have finished something that was new and creative for me to try out. 

I like the the little saying of "Don't Worry Bee Hoppy" because the world seems to be filled with a lot of worry and perhaps with good reason, but I wanted to do something that was  challenging and fun and whenever I create, it makes me  happy and manages to take my mind to other  places. So, if you're like me, and you like to craft, you might enjoy my little YouTube on cross-stitching and making Easter Egg crafts to decorate the yard and home. 

Friday, March 19, 2021

DIY Easter Garland

I love decorating for the holidays - all of  them and these are a couple of the Easter garlands I've made this year to spruce up my house for the holiday.

These are super simple crafts you can make with some material you might have sitting around the house. Plastic Easter Eggs can be strung together to make a fun and decorative garland for your front door. I even made this fun little bow for my door bunny. And, if you're interested in seeing how I made this garland, click on the link down below or visit my YouTube channel. And, if you do make your own garland, please share it with me. I'd love to see it. 

Click on the movie below to watch how I made the  garland.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Award-winning author Elizabeth Rusch sits down with me to talk about her new book, Zee Grows A Tree

She also discusses what she needs to do as a writer, to write, revise and finally see a book come to press. If you'd like to see her book trailer for Zee Grows a  Tree, check it out here: Zee Grows a Tree Book Trailer on Vimeo and for everyone who leaves a comment in the "comments" section below, you'll be entered into a book giveaway of Elizabeth Rusch's  new book. I'll announce the winner next Wednesday on my Writerly Wednesday blog and the winner can message me to have their book delivered directly to their house.

So, check out the YouTube Interview here:

And, don't forget to comment below.

Monday, March 15, 2021

5-minute Food Craft to do with kids for St Paddy's Day Movie Night

If you want to make a super simple holiday treat you can do with your kids and share with your friends and family, here's a 5-minute food-craft you can do at home with ingredients you might already have sitting inside your kitchen cabinet.

Just check out the video below, or visit my YouTube channel for more holiday ideas. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Flosstube - St. Paddy's Day shirt and WIPS

My sister and I are taking up an old habit...of cross-stitching. And, we thought it would be fun to connect with our creative community out there. If you're interested in making a few future friends and joining us on our crafting journey, take a peek at our video below. Or hop over to my YouTube and Check out my entire Flosstube page. 

But no matter what you decide to do, I want to wish you a Bit 'O Luck this next week as St. Paddy's Day approaches!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Hashtag Heaven for Writers and Illustrators - on this Writerly Wednesday

If you're writing and looking for an agent to represent you in the wonderful world of publishing, then there are a few hashtags you really should know about and find your perfect match. Writing and finding your "perfect" agent is a lot like dating. You need to search in the right places, know what you're looking for, and what would make a good fit for you...and your prospective agent. 

One of the critical hashtags for writers, illustrators and writer/illustrators is: #MSWL

This stands for Manuscript Wish List. Agents and even editors use this hashtag on Twitter to let you know what sort of stories they are searching their slush piles for. 

It's sort of  like going to a dating site and reading a bio about your prospective new Honey. You'll want to know if the person likes long walks on the beach or if they prefer to sit on the couch and watch a rousing game of football...or perhaps tennis. 

#MSWL tells you all this information - (specifically related to stories, characters, voice, submission methods, etc.) and what the agent/editor prefers plus much more. It can't be understated how helpful this one simple hashtag can be, because when you want to make a love connection (for your story or illustrations) this is the quick shortcut to finding out all the scoop on the person you're going to be sharing your "baby" with. 

But this isn't the only hashtag that will help you find a connection out in the world of publishing. And, I'm sure you're not only looking for an agent. You might want to find like minded people who love reading, writing and simply supporting one another in this lonesome journey down the path toward publication. 

So, if you're looking to make a connection with your writing community, you might want to try the hashtag #writingcommunity on Twitter. You will find more people than you could find at a beach on a hot summer day, and these people will most likely have a  lot more in common with you than those swimsuit clad beachcombers.

There are many more helpful hashtags a writer and/or illustrator can use to find a Love (or even Like) connection. But these two will get you going on the Write Track ;D So, what's stopping you? Start hashtagging away. And, if you have a few more helpful hashtags you use, why don't you share them down in the comments section? We can all work together to help build this writing and illustrating community of ours. 

So, until next Wednesday, "Write On!" 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

5-Minute Floss Tube Project-Tin Tutorial

If you're looking for a place to store your craft projects that's prettier than a paper bag, here's a Super Simple 5-Minute Project-Tin Tutorial. 

Sewing Project bags may be beautiful, but they take more than a few minutes to make, while this craft project will provide a 5-minute craft and you'll be able to store these project-tins easily on a shelf. Plus, they'll look pretty too all while keeping your cross-stitch fabric from getting wrinkled.

What could be better? And, even if you don't cross-stitch, I'm sure you can find a purpose for these pretty canisters. 

Simply click on the link below or go to my YouTube channel and peruse through my floss tube episodes.

 There are  many tips, tricks and hints to getting published and you can find differing points of view any place you look but here is a golden nugget I received early on in my writing career and it's very similar to Nike's motto of  "Just Do It". The tip is not to worry about finding an agent, getting published or even how you're going to market the book and brand yourself. The best tip I ever got was:

"Write the BOOK!"

Nothing else matters until you have a "product" to publish. You shouldn't worry over word count, fret over format or stress over sequence. Just  write the book. It will definitely need to be read-over, revised and re-revised before its ready. So, don't get hung up on the  small stuff. Until you have pages to read, you don't have anything to work with. 

I've written or maybe I should say I've had 5 books published-one is even on audible. But, I've written many more than 5 books. The truth is not everything we write will ever see the light of a printing press, publishing house or book store. 

But don't worry about that. Just Write the Book! No matter what, you'll be polishing and perfecting your craft, building a better brand, and working to create a truly beautiful book. 

And here's one more tip, which applies to life as well as to writing:

Attitude is Everything

Remember telling a story is all about a journey, and we should all take the time to enjoy our own trip down the path to publication. Writers are creative people and most creative people are bound to suffer some rejection - but it's what we do with the experience that molds us into the storytellers and people we become. 

I'm not saying you have to enjoy rejection - that would be impossible - at least for me but we can all learn something from our experiences in life. 

Remember falling down is an accident - staying down is a choice. 

When you receive a rejection, don't let it keep you down. Consider  any helpful feedback, process it and then move on. But most important off all, Just

Write the Book!