Thursday, March 25, 2021

Flosstube Episode with Hoppy Easter Shirt made with Waste Canvas

Hoppy Easter Bunny Shirt

I wanted to make something to wear for the Easter holiday. So I decided to cross-stitch a t-shirt. And, I talked my sister into making one too. 

It's a super simple pattern I sketched out on graph paper and then went to work stitching it up. I used waste canvas to get my counted cross-stitch pattern on the shirt. First, I whip-stitched the canvas onto the t-shirt... and, well, if you want to see how I did it, simply click on the link below or visit my YouTube channel at KimKasch

And let me know if you think this bunny looks like a Peep. Plus, if you watch my short video, let me know  if you think I chose the right color for the bunny - from the choices I had. 

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