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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Visual Stimulation

So I've been working on a MG manuscript for quite a while now. At least that's the way it feels. But recently I had an epiphany. I'm thinking of including some graphics with the story at least for inspiration.

And I've been working with the graphics--well, the idea of it, I'm no artist but I have quite a few of them around me in my house--to develop my story more and enrich the plot. It's odd how I haven't thought of this before. I mean after all my brother was an artist, my husband's uncle is an artist, my boys are artists. Unfortunately that one gene somehow skipped by me but . . . I'm thinking, why not take advantage of everything around me?

How 'bout you? Are you using everything available to you in your writing?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word Game

If you think you know words, try this quick test. It's fun.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beading for fun

This is my first project beading. I took a class in Idaho while I was on vacation. It was a relaxing morning and a fun crafting experience - my only problem was threading the needle - luckily I have a few youngins around to help me out ;) and I'll actually wear this bracelet :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Half-Marathon - Made IT

It was a fun weekend filled with hiking, running, and eating :)

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Field Trip

I've been in a few critique groups over the years and I've made some good friends and learned a lot along the way but one of the best ways to learn something is to try something new.

So, me and my writings buddies try to take a few writerly field trips every now and then. We have visited French bakeries to flavor our stories with true tastes and smells. We've visited a psychic to learn a little more about ourselves and our characters. We've even planned to visit a couple publishers to see the entire process of production.

So, have you gone on any writing/reading field trips lately? If not, maybe you should. You just might learn a little and enjoy the journey :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Emotions can be good and they can be bad. But one thing's for sure--your book has to provoke them.

Think about it. Your favorite movie, favorite place and yes even your favorite book becomes that favorite because of how you feel watching, reading and being in that place.

And, even action movies/books aren't all adventure. They have to provoke some sort of emotion: maybe fear, excitement or joy. Without emotion your book is dead.

And remember to add a little something from both sides of the coin: good and bad feelings make your story multi-dimensional.

So happy AND sad writing, reading and watching--it's what gives life the spice :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Word for Wednesday - a Writer's Game

What does the word Nerdjacking mean?

Take a guess.

Then scroll down




Nerdjacking means digressing into extreme and/or unnecessary detail about one’s passion (music, coding, gaming) to an otherwise uninitiated layperson, without awareness or acknowledgement of the listener’s rapidly waning interest or lack of understanding of the subject at hand. (Thanks to Urban Dictionary)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tip for Tuesday - Word 2007 Tips

Ribbon Shortcuts

Display keyboard shortcut letters: Alt Key
ALT+ the letter underlined in an option: Specific function
Move through ribbon features: Tab key (after you hit the Alt key to display shortcut letters)
Minimize/Maximize Ribbons: Ctrl + F1

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Old Mission

The city of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho grew up around General Sherman's military fort. It's a small city with about 44,000 people but it has a lot to offer.

We visited the Old Mission, which is Idaho's Oldest Standing Building. It used to be known as the Mission of the Sacred Heart. And you can see one of the Priest's paintings of The Sacred Heart displayed in the door.
Many of the better paintings and artwork created by the priests are on display. They are really amazing when you know that the Jesuit Priests cut the hair of their house cat and fashioned their own cat hair paintbrushes to create these paintings.

This beautiful Parish House was the home to five or six Jesuit Priests.

It really makes you imagine the old west when you hear the tales of the Indians and Priests working together and you look outside the front door of the Mission and see the teepee standing on the slope below.
This Mission was built in 1850-53 by members of the Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe and Catholic Missionaries.

If you're ever in Idaho, this is one site to see.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Earth-Friendly Friday

What might look like an old pile of used lumber to you . . .

Could be something much more than it appears.

You see, my husband loves to reuse old lumber and there was a house being remodeled in the neighborhood. The people were throwing away some good old wood. My husband couldn't bear the sight of all that wonderful old fur flooring going into the landfill. So, what did he do?

He knocked on the door and asked if he could rescue that wood from the dumpster. And he did.

Then he cut off the tongue and groove edge and sanded the wood (notice the scrap pieces inside the garbage can).

Now, he's making a bench out of the free wood and he even made me a couple of planters for my deck.

See what you can do, if you think outside the . . . landfill?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Idaho Oil

Have you ever wondered what you could do to liven up your dinners? Well I learned a couple of tricks today from the Coeur d'Alene Olive Oil Company

They let us taste an assortment of olive oils and vinegars with different recipes.

By using new flavors of olive oils and vinegars or mixing them together and trying dipping sauces you can spice up your meals. The Coeur D'Alene Olive Oil Company will even mix flavors for you. Plus, they'll help you come up with recipes to help make your life a little easier too. Check them out here.

If you try one of these recipes, let me know. I got the Blood Orange Dipping Sauce to use with some salads. I'll mix up some lettuce, mandarin oranges, almond slivers, water chestnuts, sesame seeds and pour some of this dipping sauce over the top for a yummilicious salad.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Word for Wednesday

What does the word fetid mean?

Take a guess

Now scroll down for the answer


Have you taken a guess?

It means Stink

Thanks for playing

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Class of 2011

Waiting for the big event

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kate and Will

Real Life imitates fantasy :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Earth-Friendly Friday

Did you know that computer equipment can use energy even when it's turned off?

Well, you can cut off that drain by connecting your PC, monitor, and peripherals to a single power strip; when they're not in use, turn the strip off. One easy flip of a switch and you'll stop the "leakage" from the nominally switched-off electronics.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So there's the finished product! Yesterday I showed you how to make the veil out of ribbon. And here's how I made the cake.

I rolled out some white fondant and started cutting out decorations for the dress

Then I put a crumb-coating layer of frosting on the cake.

I tried to find some free patterns for Barbie dolls on line so I could pattern the top of the dress easily but I couldn't find anything I liked for free :( so I just winged it and cut the bodice (freehand) for the dress out of the fondant and decorated it with white pearl sprinkles. I wanted it to all be edible (except the doll and the veil--and the stems of the flowers.
I made a little bouquet using blue fondant and some green floral tape. I hot glued the bouquet to her hand.

While I was working on her, I stuck her in some floral foam for easy adjusting.

Then I rolled out a larger sheet of white fondant and slipped it over the crumb-coating of frosting and started decorating.

I stuck the decorations on using left over frosting for the glue and a long bamboo skewer as a paint brush. Then I randomly placed the decorations on the dress.

I trimmed the excess, leaving a train for the back.

Connecting her body with her dress was the fun part.

I wanted to decorate the stand with pretty paper.

The hard part was transferring her to the stand. I had to call in the reserves: my daughter and my husband.

Here's a view from the back

I placed some white frosting roses around the base for extra decorations and I was finished.

I had a lot of fun making this cake for a co-worker's wedding shower. And I hope she likes banana - because it's a banana cake :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bridal Veil

Have you ever made clothes for your dolls or your kids' dolls? I used to crochet all my Barbie clothes when I was a kid. Now, I like making cakes. And, I've found a way to combine two of my favorite things:

1) Cakes
2) Making clothes for dolls

I went to buy a bride's costume for a Barbie and found a veil but it was $12.00. That's way too much for me to spend on a veil for a cake. So I ran out to Joann Fabrics and brought a couple pieces of ribbon. One piece was lacy and long and the other was a sale piece of what looks like rhinestone strips.

I put the two together and WAH-LAH, for less than $2.00 I made a bridal veil.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Locks of Love

This year I've lost a couple of gfriends to cancer. There's not much a person can do when the deadly disease strikes. We feel so helpless. But there's one thing we can do. We can donate: either our time, our money or . . . even our hair. So, I did.

I had ten inches, just enough, when it was stretched out. In a braid it seemed so much shorter.

Locks of Love is a wonderful way to give something back. There are a few questions you might have if you're thinking about donating your hair.

A few of the questions might be:

1) Can you donate colored hair?

Answer: Yes, it just can't be bleached.

2) Can you donate gray hair?

Answer: Yes.

3) How long does the hair have to be?
Answer: 10 inches for it to be used for a wig

4) Can you donate curly hair?

Answer: Yes, it just needs to be 10 inches long when it's straightened.

5) If you don't have 10 inches to donate can shorter lengths be used?

Answer: Yes.

6) Does the hair need to be in a ponytail or braid?

Answer: Yes

You can look here to get more of your questions answered.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pets Are Like People Too

I love dressing Sasha up with bandanas.

Do you ever dress up your pets...?

Friday, June 3, 2011

QUIZ - Earth-Friendly Friday

Summer has finally arrived. So how much do you know...about getting away in your car to enjoy those sunny days in a sustainable way? Take this short two-question quiz to find out.

1) Driving Aggressively lowers your gas mileage by ___ percent at highway speeds?

2) Use of an air conditioner on a hot summer day can decrease mileage by ___ percent?

Answer to #1

Scroll down

1) 33 percent

2) 21 percent

So drive thoughtfully and use your vent instead of your air conditioner whenever possible.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday . . . Tell a Story

When I was young my brother Todd was the best storyteller evah...

He didn't even have to try. Words flowed out of his mouth like water over a fall. And he drew you listen and hear how the adventure was going to end.

Some people said he was a liar...but I know the truth. They were just jealous. Todd was the Best Storyteller in the World.

From aliens to werewolves to zombies and vampires...that was just the beginning.

He had me believing it was all possible. Sadly, Todd didn't live long. He died...I's like his last little joke on Earth, on April Fool's Day.

So who is it in your life that inspired you to become a writer...? With me it must have been my brother...Todd

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Word for Wednesday - a Writer's Game

Guess what the word Pellucid means.

No looking on the web.

Take a quick guess then scroll down



It means "Transparent," "clear" or "allowing the maximum passage of light, as glass; translucent".

Did you know...?