Thursday, June 23, 2011


Emotions can be good and they can be bad. But one thing's for sure--your book has to provoke them.

Think about it. Your favorite movie, favorite place and yes even your favorite book becomes that favorite because of how you feel watching, reading and being in that place.

And, even action movies/books aren't all adventure. They have to provoke some sort of emotion: maybe fear, excitement or joy. Without emotion your book is dead.

And remember to add a little something from both sides of the coin: good and bad feelings make your story multi-dimensional.

So happy AND sad writing, reading and watching--it's what gives life the spice :)


David Batista said...

I got emotional reading this. :)

Kelly said...

So true!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Rena said...

This is so true. Sometimes you really have to put yourself in your character's shoes to get the emotion you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

This is very true. Sometimes you have to put yourself in your character's shoes to get a feel for the emotion you're trying to portray. That can be emotional in itself.


Kim Kasch said...

David: That was good :)