Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lowfat Yogurt and Granola - Yummy..licious

Just layer granola and lowfat yogurt like a parfait into a clear bowl - set it on a cake stand and Whoo-Hoo fancy food and low calorie too! It tastes so much better when it's pretty.

I served peach yogurt. My husband likes his yogurt plain, but not me--I'm a fancy food fiend.

Plus, I could have pulled out my pastry bags to pipe the yogurt into the bowl but I just used a ziploc baggy and cut off the tip - EZ, cheap, and food fast.

This is a fun way to serve food on a weekend when you have guests - like during the holidays. I had this on Thanksgiving weekend.


Betty said...

What a wonderful health idea! Thanks, I am going to offer this to my next "guests".

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Like dessert for breakfast, too!

Rena Jones said...