Monday, December 20, 2010

The 7th Day of Christmas

Today is the 7th Day of Christmas. And I know how the gift-giving goes. But, I wouldn't have wanted a partridge to begin with. And, this is the day when my true love gave to me:

seven swans a swimming...

Now, where the heck would I put seven swans a-swimming? In my bathtub? I think NOT.

That present would be completely foul and totally for the birds because that is one, no, seven things I don't have room for. So, this gift would be a total fowl-fail.

I definitely don't want anything I'd need to clean up after. After all, I already have three "kids" and my hubby to follow around after.

What I really want is a kindle or a new laptop. Santa . . . are you listening? "Do you hear what I hear"?

But, if you'd like to get an embroidered version of that seven swans a-swimming, you can find this patch on-line, check it out here.


Jenny said...

Love your pictures on your blog! Looks like a fun group and your dog is adorable!! Love those eyes!!

Found you on the blog hop! I'm your newest follower!

Rena said...

Cute patch!