Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Emo-Trauma and Drama

We all wanted to go rock wall climbing on Sunday, it was one of our "family gifts" from the holidays. So we climbed in the car(s) and headed toward the Portland Rock Wall Gym. Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived in the parking lot the person who was planning to belay for us suddenly got ill. He said he could still hold us, but I'm a Mom and didn't want to take any chances having someone "hold our lives in their hands" when those hands might be weakened by the flu-like symptoms we were witnessing. I wasn't so reassured.

So it was a quick EZ decision: alternate event.

We headed off to the movies:

Narnia and the Little Fockers.

I laughed so hard at the Little Fockers my son even commented on the tears rolling down my cheeks. I told him, "Maybe you have to have in-laws to find it so funny". Not that I've ever been asked to take a lie-detector test...that I remember ;) of course I'm data dumping from my hard drive (or cerebrum and little neurons) all the time as I get older and older.

Still, I had a great time. Then we went home to catch up on a little more movie-madness. We watched The Walking Dead on Demand. Nothing like a little zombiefied footage to help finish off your holiday festivities and the weekend.

I enjoyed it-not so much my husband. He's not a zombie-kind-of-guy, unless it's Saturday morning and I haven't had my coffee yet--then he's totally hanging with the zombiettes.

So, this weekend we'll be celebrating by ringing in the the New Year while we're making up our previously scheduled Rock Climbing.

How 'bout you? Any special plans for the holiday?


Kelly said...

I want to see Little Fockers!
I saw Gulliver's Travels with my mil and my kids. Jack Black makes me laugh.
New YEar's will be with hubby's cousins/family all gathering at my inlaws vacation home in Wisconsin. Should be so much fun!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sledding tomorrow, roller skating today!

David Batista said...

You're a braver person than I, Kim. And not just because of the rock climbing . . . but because you actually subjected yourself to Little Fockers. I've heard that movie is truly atrocious, and from all indications it's something I wouldn't enjoy.

But now I'm wondering if all the reviews were wrong. Was it really *that* funny?

Kim Kasch said...

David: My husband and I laughed really hard. My sons like Owen Wilson so they got some giggles - of course they aren't married and never had inlaws. :)

Kelly: We almost went to see Gulliver's Travels because my "boys" love graphics and animation. Probably still will.

GG: Sledding and roller skating sounds like fun!