Friday, September 6, 2013


Last March I volunteered at a wolf sanctuary. I just thought you all might like to see the difference between a wolf and a husky.

And if you want to hear the wolves howling (but remember they're loud), watch this:

The big difference between dogs and wolves is that dogs are generally smaller. Wolves ears go off the sides of their heads, while dogs ears go straight up. Wolves jaws are different - they can crush bones. And wolves should never be domesticated. They are meant to run wild. 


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wow. That is REAL cozy with a wolf, Kim!

Rena Jones said...

Awesome pictures! I love wolves, and we do have them around here. Sadly, there are a whole lot of people here who don't like them.

Kim Kasch said...

It was a great experience girls. People always think Sasha looks like a wolf. They say it all the time but they have no idea what a wolf looks like. They are so much bigger than a husky.

David Batista said...

Wolf or Husky, Sasha is such a beautiful doggie! :) But, yeah, I get nervous looking at you cuddling so close with a real wolf. Wow. But, also ... so awesome!