Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pacific Rim - the Movie

My hubby and I went to see Pacific Rim this past weekend. It was Godzilla meets the Transformers.

It was a fun action film. I don't usually like these kinds of shows but it was kind of fun because it reminded me of watching one of those Godzilla films I used to watch on Saturday afternoons when I was growing up.

It also sort of reminded me of Stephen King's movie/book "The Mist".

In Pacific Rim, alien dinosaur-type creatures come through a rift in the earth (kind of like middle earth ;)
Only this rift is down underneath the water...

So all in all it was a fun night out.


The Spooky Whisk said...

How 'bout that Mist? I still remember the ending. Though I think they would have heard those big things on the way before that ending, I'm able to let that go.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Would my boys be too young for it?

Kim Kasch said...

GG: I don't remember anything that was too graphic.

TSW: I loved Mist. But then I love Stephen King. Creepy ending, it's true.

The Spooky Whisk said...

Have you read Stephen King's On Writing? I love, love, love that book. Great stuff.

Creepy for sure.

Okay doke, I'm all caught up on your posts. Just reading through. Loved the lace/black pumpkin.