Thursday, October 23, 2008


It's almost Halloween, so I thought I'd stick with a candy theme:

QUESTION: Who were the only three real people (before June 2007 - sorry, source was out of date)to have their likenesses featured on Pez candy dispensers?


My office likes to promote teamwork and fun. Here's one idea they use to spread some Halloween Cheer: Print out this text and use it to start a new tradition in your office:


Who did it?. . .a friend. . .a goblin. . .a neighbor?

Here is a small way to spread some Halloween fun throughout the office. The goal is to Ghost as many people as possible before Halloween!

Please Ghost two friends or neighbors. Keep the ghost on your name plate so that everyone knows who’s been Ghosted – be a sport – let’s Ghost everyone!

1) Keep this treat and enjoy;

2) Make 2 copies of this letter and 2 copies of the ghost squares;

3) Leave a new special treat with a copy of this letter and a copy of the ghost squares on two people’s desks or chairs;

4) Tape a ghost square on the name plate of each person you are Ghosting so everyone knows who’s been Ghosted!

5) Shhh. . . it’s a secret!

If you don’t want to participate, pass the treat, letter and ghosts to someone else.

Cut and tape one ghost on the name plate of each person you Ghost.


Kelly said...

Good guesses are
Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Ronald Reagan (okay, the last one is a stretch). I thought of him because he liked jelly bellies!

I'm thinking Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill might have been Pez's in their Star Wars characters..but that probably counts as their character, right?

Kim Kasch said...

Good guesses Kelly - thanks for being a sport and playing. :)

Rena said...

I collect PEZs, but not as seriously as some people. Elvis has 3 versions and there are 3 of the guys from the Orange County Choppers. Are those the ones?

I need to get the Pirates of the Carribean ones next! :)

adrienne said...

Cute - any idea that involves passing out treats is a winner.
I'm curious about the PEZ - I can't believe there are only three!

Brenda said...

Okay...I'm almost 99.9% sure that one of them was Daniel Boone...the only reason I say this is because hubs use to love DB as a child and I think I recall him saying once that he had a pez of him...but hubs memory might be bad and it could really have been charlie brown...grin...

As for the other 2...I'm like kelly...I think Elvis would have been a good one and maybe...Bozo the Clown? Would he count as being a person? Or maybe only people who don't wear costumes...argh...I'm so confused...