Friday, October 24, 2008

EARTH FRIENDLY FRIDAY - and Answer to Thought for Thursday

ANSWER TO THOUGHT FOR THURSDAY: Daniel Boone, Paul Revere and Betsy Ross were issued in a Pez U.S. Bicentennial series. This was the only time Pez broke their rule against modeling their dispensers after real people . . . until June of 2007.

Then on June 25th, 2007 Pez released Elvis dispensers and not one but three styles have been made of the King. And then they made a 3-piece set out of the gang at Orange County Choppers. So Pez has not only issued dispensers modeled after three people, but 7, (with Elvis having three styles all to himself). So a total of 9 dispensers have been modeled after real people, as of today's date.

Sorry, my source was out of date - it was printed before 6/25/07. So, I learned something today too.



I remember waiting to turn 15 to get my driver's permit and being soooo excited when my sweet sixteen came, 'cause I could get my driver's license and finally be free!!!

But, today, the coolest thing (and cheapest, with the price of gas what it is) is being the person with an undriver's license. Have you ever heard of undriving? This is one way to go totally green and unpollute.

Captain Planet used to say, "By YOUR powers combined, I am Captain Planet."

He'd encourage kids not to pollute but back then I don't think he'd coined the phrase , "unpollute". You've gotta love it and I say, "GO PLANET!"

If you're interested, read more about an undriver's license and undriving here.


Kelly said...

I got Elvis right! Yay!
I learned something new today, too! Undriving!

Rena said...

Undriving sounds like a cool program.

Kim Kasch said...

I thought Marilyn Monroe was a good guess too. Hard to believe so few people were immortalized by becoming the People of Pez - or Pez People


adrienne said...

It's a tough challenge, especially in the suburbs. I don't see people changing their ways much where I live - they love their SUV's.
Sounds like a great program.

Brenda said...

Ha! Now I have proof that I do listen to Hubs...if only he had kept his DB pez...grin...

Kim Kasch said...

This was a fun one because I had a 2008 calendar that said only three people were immortalized by PEZ and I found out even that was out of date. This just proves it - we need to verify our facts when we're trying to write nonfiction.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very fun--I wish more communities were designed with this in mind.