Monday, October 13, 2008


My niece helped me decorate.

It's that Black Cat/Bat time of year again.


Ten little witches
wait impatiently for Halloween night,
Finally one says,
“I’m ready to go out and cause a fright.”

The second one cackled
and held up her sturdy broom
The third one giggled,
as she flew across the room.

The fourth one said,
“Let’s create a little fear.”
The fifth one laughed,
“I’ll make sure the coast is clear.”

The sixth one zoomed high into the sky.
The seventh one said, “I’m ready now to fly.”
The eighth witch brought along her little black cat.
The ninth witch cried, “I forgot my favorite hat!”

Johnny woke up and thought,
“That must have been a dream.”

But the tenth little witch yelled,
“Happy Halloween!”

And Happy Birthday Luke!!!


Marcia said...

Great photos! I love your door SANS decorations, the windows, the bookshelf . . .

C.R. Evers said...

great deco's!

nice door!


Kim Kasch said...

Thanks Christy and Marcia. I love the holidays and they're just getting going.

Catherine J Gardner said...

OMG! I am so jealous. Halloween is not at all like that in the UK. We have Trick & Treat on the actual night, but nobody dresses their homes for any longer than the evening.

Rena said...

Great pictures, Kim!

Since we homeschool, about the only real decorations we do are crafts the kids make. Speaking of which, I need to get digging in my closet to get that box of stuff out. I dread that because it's way way in the back.

Is Luke your son? Happy Birthday to him as well.

Kelly said...

Cute decorations, Kim! We love Halloween. My kids always want the decorations out the last weekend in September. I almost have as many Halloween decorations now as Christmas!
Happy Fall Birthday to your son!

Kim Kasch said...

I love decorating. I usually have little ghosties and bats hanging around the house. And we have a big party at work with ghouls galore.

I'll have to post some of those photos too.

Yep, Luke turns 21!!! today but he's down at UofO so we'll have to celebrate this weekend - of course I know he's already celebrating.

cindy said...

fun! your house looks lovely. and happy birthday to your handsome luke! =D

Brenda said...

I love decorating for Halloween...I use to hang bats, witches, ghosts, webs & spiders, etc. all over the laundry room at the complex I manage, but then someone complained about the "evil" of it all so I had to quit doing I decorate with scarecrows and pumpkins...sigh...

Great pics!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks guys.

You should see some of my decorations - but they aren't all so kid friendly. In fact, at work last year, one of the worker-parents made me cover up one of my ghouls - he was afraid it would scare his kids. The kids come trick-or-treating through the office on Halloween.

Brenda it's too bad you had to change your decorations.

Cindy: Thanks. Luke's not feeling so well today - just talked to him.

xinex said...

How cute! Your niece is so charming!...Christine

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Kim,
You have some really cute home wall decor'.

~Happy WW!

Have a wonderful day. ~Melissa :)