Tuesday, October 7, 2008

50 Year Wedding Anniversary - Kay and Dennis

Why do some couples stay together and others . . . don't?

Sunday was Kay and Dennis Russum's 50th Wedding Anniversary so I asked Kay for a few words of wisdom when it comes to making a wedding a lifelong commitment. Here's her answer and a few photos from the celebration.

Kay and Dennis

My sister, Tammy

My niece Serena, me and my daughter, Kara.

Me and my lil sis.


adrienne said...

Celebrating 50 years is quite amazing. I love her advice!

Kim Kasch said...

Just pick the right man to begin with. Sounds easy doesn't it.

Kelly said...

Cute! Wow, fifty years! I look forward to getting there one day!

BTW, you and your sister look so much alike!!

Kim Kasch said...

I've made it over 25 - it whips on by like a wind - or more like a hurricane.

cindy said...

you look great, kim. and so does the lovely couple! 50 years, wow. that is so inspiring!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks Cindy.

50 years is something to celebrate.