Monday, September 12, 2011

TrueBlood End of Season

It was the end for TrueBlood - at least for the season. And I had to do something. I mean it's going to be months before I see my HBO friends again and after getting to know them so well from reading their stories - thanks to Charlaine Harris, it's hard to be away from them for so long.

So, I invited a few girlfriends over to share the finale. And we had to eat and drink a little. So I made a Fanpire Cake, some magical cupcakes and we said a toast with a little "Bat Juice". Oh, and we had a little finger food ;)

Here's how I did it.

The finger food was just breadsticks that I stuck almond slivers on and brushed with butter before I baked them.

I made a couple of cakes and frosted them with a whipped cream frosting then I covered it with red fondant.

I sprayed some Wilton Color Mist - Food Color Spray on top of the cake using a vampire stencil. Then I added some frosting to cover the connections.

And, added some fondant bats to finish it off.

I bought a couple of labels and taped them over my favorite wines to give them some added TrueBlood charm

It was a fun party but I was disappointed with what the writers did to Tara. It had me crying in my green witch hat cupcakes.


David Batista said...

Oh yeah, right. If Tara's dead, then I'm the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! :)

Seriously, though, you know this show. You know there's going to be a solution to bring her back within the first two minutes of next season's opening episode. It's become a running joke with that show now.

Btw, great cake! Too bad you didn't have True Blood beverages on hand like I did last night--they're TASTY! I had my own little party with those too-cool bottles of True Blood you can order online from the HBO Store. I get four 4-packs at the start of each season.

Kelly Polark said...

I love all your vampire goodies!
I can't believe we have to wait til June for another True Blood. I just love that show!
I have Sookie and Alcide on my book recs blog today. (

Kim Kasch said...

David: I hope you're right 'cuz I love Tara. What's a girl to do without a best friend. Plus, I'm totally going to get some TrueBlood for the season opener - I had no idea you could buy it online :) thanks for the tip.

Kelly: I'm going to hop over and read your post right now. I'm sooooo thinking Sookie and Alcid are going to be the hot thing next season but I'm still hoping to see Quinn....

Rena said...