Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Bash

It's a strange phenomena in our family...multiple birthdays. My husband and I share a birthday. One of my brothers and sisters share a birthday and...yes, two of my kids share the same birthday. Pretty coincidental. Maybe it's destiny. The fates bringing us together.

And, you might think sharing a birthday would make people super similar...sort of like twins.

Nope. That's not how it works.

We're totally different. But sharing a birthday creates a bond that can't be broken. But, we share so many things...more important than birthdays.

How 'bout you...any strange coincidences in your family tree?


Kelly said...

That is crazy! No shared bdays, but my three kids all have birthday within a month. My baby turns 7 tomorrow!
Enjoy the family bdays!

The Happy Whisk said...

Happy Birthdays to all. That's pretty neat. What kind of cakes did you make or have?

Kim Kasch said...

Kelly: I hope your son had a happy day!

The HW: You'll have to check out my blog tomorrow. I didn't bake a cake for the kids - ran out of time but I baked one over the weekend for a TrueBlood Party ;)

Rena said...

That is so weird, but cool! We don't have any shared BDs in my family, but my brother and grandpa were a day apart. Happy Birthday to all of yours!