Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Horsin' Around

I've always loved to ride. My brother and sister had horses when I was growing up. And then we went to the Grand Canyon one summer, I wanted my kids to learn how to ride before we rode the mules down the steep pathways. But once my daughter took lessons, she was hooked.

Finally, we got two horses of our own. Mine was Robin and hers was Lesa. We spent many hours riding together out on the trails.

She enjoyed it so much she wanted to do a couple horse shows. So, she did.

But we couldn't afford the fancy show clothes or silver for our horse gear. So we did the best we could. We color coordinated her clothes. She wore a baseball cap and a bright yellow vest and boots.
People loved to go riding with her and she even taught a couple of her friends to ride.

Even her little cousin learned to ride on Robin

Then Kara went to high school and varsity basketball took over her life for the next eight years. We couldn't go riding every other day and the horses were lonely. So, we tried to find them both a good home.

Sometimes I really missing riding out in the woods and feeling the wind blow through my hair. Those were the "good old days".


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How cool that you got to live out some of your horse dreams!

Marcia said...

Neat memories to look back on. Oh, I am SO unathletic. Fell off a horse at age 10 (and hit my head) and never tried again. But never really had opportunity, either.