Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Writing v. Running

Writing is a lot like running. They’re both a lot of hard work.

Running: I have to self-motivate myself to get out there and put one foot after the other and I can't let myself stop when I'm tired. I have to work at doing a little more every day--if I want to improve.

It’s the same with writing. I have to sit down and put the pen to the paper – or (more truthfully) my fingers to the keyboard.

It’s so easy to find excuses not to do it. It being running and/or writing. It's a simple thing to stay home and curl up with a good book or turn on the tube to watch a movie but instead I strap on my running shoes and get outside (in that good old—cold--Portland rain) to climb those hills, run those miles, and prepare for the upcoming race.

Writing: I have to walk away from reading that book, turn off the t.v., and sit down at the computer, if I want to get my own words down on the page and not just read the ones someone else has written.

Writing and Running: You have to put in time, energy and work, if you want to improve.

Running: I can’t just go outside and expect to run a marathon…of course I can work toward it. Improving my pace, endurance and cardiovascular ability, come with time, exercise, and strength. And I am working hard to get stronger--a little more every day.

Writing: I can’t expect to write the next great novel – not without putting in time, energy, and effort to perfect my craft. And, I have to work at dialogue, character development, tense, pacing, and plot.

Both, Running and Writing: are a lot of hard work. But, they are also fun, rewarding and energizing.

I love to feel the light drizzle on a cool day as I make it to the top of a hill I haven’t been able to climb before. And, I want to do a little dance with every chapter I finish.

Mom always used to tell me, “Anything worth having, is worth working for.”

I'm working at them both: Writing and Running.


David Batista said...

As someone who does both, I agree completely. I've made the comparison myself many a time. The key has always been motivitation. That, and knowing a worthwile endeavor is worth working hard for.

You hit the nail right on the head, Kim!

Lisa Schroeder said...

I am better at writing than running. I'm so impressed you ran 7.5 miles straight, Kim. Wow! I can't seem to get past 1.5. :)

Would you like to have coffee someday? Are you working FT, or ??? Anyway, was thinking it'd be fun to get together.

Take care.

Marcia said...

Oh, I'm MUCH better at writing than at any kind of exercise -- although I make sure I walk because if I sit in this chair all day for too many more years, Bad Health Things will threaten. For those who can manage it, I think running would be a wonderful companion to writing.

Kim Kasch said...

Lisa: I'd love to have coffee. I'm FT. Email me.

David: You're right - motivation makes all the difference.

Marcia: That's part of the reason I took back up running-health. Used to do it when I was young but then my life got in the way...