Monday, January 24, 2011

The Undead Series

Okay, I've always been a fanpire ever since the early days with Dracula but then when Stephen King wrote Salem's Lot, I was really hooked. I've read lots of books and the Twilight series had to join that list. Then there was the TrueBlood line-up and I've just finished the Undead series.

I loved Mary Janice Davidson's wit and humor. I'd be laughing while I was reading and my husband would say, "Isn't that a vampire book?"

I'd say, "Yeah, but it's funny."

He'd look at me like I'd finally lost my mind.

Anyway, I've read 9 or 10 of the books (all 9 in the series plus one little spin-off werewolf 'tail' :) in the Undead series. The last one, though, Undead and Unfinished (HERE'S A SPOILER ALERT)


definitely my least favorite. It had it's moments but the ending... I did not like that. Maybe because I've been happily married for so many years (yeah 27, count 'em - that's a lot of years) and we've had our moments of anger and arguments (of course, anyone who's been married more than a year has), but we've always "made up". So................I didn't like that ending. In fact I didn't like it so much, I doubt I would buy another book in the series...but you never know. I might want to find out what could have caused such a flip in Betsy's paranormal dimension but...maybe not.

I mean I can handle the shallow silliness, the shoes, the 'sucky' parts of the story but when you murder your own husband...I have to draw the line somewhere...right?

And, then, when she skins him and uses his (un)dead body to make a book (literally), I don't know call me just didn't seem right to do those sorts of things to your most loved one. And no wonder she went a little crazy whenever she read from that hardback - after all it was her husband's.

Anyone else read the series? What were your thoughts?

Anyway that was a disappointment :(


Kelly said...

Okay, I skipped the spoiler in case I read these. If it's funny and vampires I think I'd like it. Did you not just like the last one? Or is the whole series good? Do you recommend it? (sorry I didn't want to read the end!)

Kim Kasch said...

Kelly: I loved the series but did not like the last book (number 9). Can't tell you why - or I'd ruin it.

David Batista said...

Sounds like an interesting series. Like you, I got my start in the genre by reading Dracula and watching (not reading) Salem's Lot. Later on in life I read the book, too, and discovered it had way more gory detail than the movie ever did.

For me, my favorite series was Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Especially the first 5 books.

Still . . . I'm not as big a fanpire as you, though, Kim. :)

adrienne said...

I doubt I'll read these so I read your spoiler... don't think I'd find the humor in that, either. Ew.