Friday, January 21, 2011

Junk to Funk

Recycling can be more fun than you think. Just check out this Trashion Edutainment Event on February 5th.

Saturday February 5th
Boothster: 521 NE Davis
Gallery Open 7-11
Suggested Donation: $10-50
All Ages

It's a trashformation - yep, just what it sounds like. A mixture of fashion and trash combined creatively to become clothing. What better way to repurpose material than to turn it into wearable art?


jan_shaw said...

i am addicted to the hunger games! <3 i stayed up all night to read it a second time lol i dunno it is just that good. i am so excited to see the movie when it comes out!!

Lily Robinson said...

I'm all over trash to treasure! I'll post some pics soon of the babies' new stools. I get excited when I find a new use for something others would toss out.

BTW... congrats on winning that other giveaway!