Friday, January 28, 2011


My sis and I are going to be running in the Shamrock run on St. Paddy's weekend - March 13th. We're hoping to do the 15k or 9.3 miles. It will be the longest run I've ever ran--if I make it. And, I've been training hard for this. But, I also want it to be fun. Sew...I've been making some real running gear...

what I'm talking about is tu-tu(s) for us to wear, along with green tights and who knows what else. I'm not implying that we're going to be as graceful as ballerinas. Of course there's no hope of any mix-ups on that level.

So, how'd I do it? I went to the fabric store and bought some green mesh and ribbon, then I sewed the netting to the ribbon, and wah-lah, tu-tus for me and Tammy :)

If you want to see how they turned out, and see how we look in them, you'll have to come back around March 13...and keep your fingers X'd that I make it the entire way.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think dressing up would definitely make running more fun!

Rena said...

How fun! Good luck!