Thursday, September 25, 2008



Everybody has seen ducks fly by overhead, in the familiar "V" formation.

QUESTION: Why is one line always longer than the other???

ANSWER: On tomorrow's blog.

Commonly confused words - thanks to John Potter:

"Lie (to rest)
Lay (to place)

Sit (to rest)
Set (to place)

Commonly confused adjectives and adverbs:

Almost (adv. – nearly)
Most (adj. – greatest in amount)

Farther (adv. – actual distance)
Further (adv. – additionally)

Fewer (adj. – refers to numbers (you can count the item))
Less (adj. – refers to amounts or quantities (you cannot count the item))

Good (adj. – desirable)
Well (adv. – satisfactorily)
(adj. – health) as my English teacher says, you can’t feel badly because we don’t feel goodly."

And for all my writing friends, who don't write for the young adult or children's market, check out these links:


Marcia said...

The grammar hound in me loves your list. :)

Amy Jo said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by my blog...and for praying for all those sweet Chinese babies' health! Praying God's sweet and abundant blessings upon you, your family and your writing! Thanks for the clarification on those words...I'm going to have to print today's post! Blessings, Amy

adrienne said...

Helpful list! I'm going to ask my son about the ducks - he's great at remembering all those little facts.

Kelly said...

Love the quote from your English teacher!

Kim Kasch said...

Marcia: I work with grammar issues all day - John Potter is our personal editor at my office - hand resource to have around.

Amy Jo: Babies are important to pray for.

Adrienne: Did your son know the answer?

Kelly: English was always my favorite subject - probably yours too.

Anonymous said...

um, those aren't ducks, they're geese
Love your blog!

Kim Kasch said...


Isn't it Duck, Duck . . . geese?


Guess I need to sign up for a class with the Audubon Society or Birding for Dummies.