Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Year Birthday Present - Boxes

My friend, Jessica, is celebrating her son's one year birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY E.J.!

We love to give homemade gifts, whenever we can.

Here is what my husband and I made for him: a table and two little stools. His stool has his initials on it: E.J. (not pictured because we already gave it to him) and a chair for his best friend (PAL). We are still working on the present.

I have to show you a couple chairs we gave the neighbors last Christmas, so you can see the finished product: here is Annie, Emily and Kara's chairs.

Sturdy stools with nice little handles so the kids can carry their chairs wherever they want them: my boys still have their little chairs and those are about 15-20 years old.


JC Lamont said...

Those boxes are so cute. You and your husband are very talented.

So what is it that you write? Are you published?

Ello said...

THat is way too cute! You are artsy and crafty people! I am so jealous! I am so not crafty... hey that doesn't sound right!!!

Kim Kasch said...

JC: I write all sorts of stuff. You can see some of my published clips on my website: www.kimkasch.com. I have two manuscripts (YA) that I recently finished, but my son and I worked on a graphic novel, a picture book, and I also wrote a middle grade manuscript. Now, I just have to get them published.

Ello: U R so funny ;-)and clever

Kelly said...

What cool one of a kind gifts!

Amy Jo said...

Ooh, love the boxes!!! Do you offer them for sale? Very fun! Also, your blogging conference sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing! - Amy

Kim Kasch said...

Sell the boxes . . . mmmhhh, maybe . . . we hadn't thought about that.