Friday, September 26, 2008

Earth-Friendly Friday!!! Green Roof Gardens

ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S BLOG QUESTION: Because there are more ducks in that line.

Okay, that was cheap - but it's funny. And tomorrow I'm hoping to post some pictures and maybe even a podcast of the blogging conference here in Portland, Oregon to make it up to you writer friends. Check it out here.

So you say you want to be sustainable...Try a "Green" roof garden.

My friend, Diane Cooper, is a certified master gardener. This is what she has to say:

"My new roof will hold rainwater and let it evaporate back into the sky. The water it can’t hold will be clean when it hits the gutter and our streams. The roof will keep my building 20 degrees cooler in the summer; will lower sound inside by 8 decibels, and will attract living creatures. It will erase the building’s footprint. Most of all, it will last three times longer than a conventional roof. We know all of this because homes in Europe have had beautiful green roofs for decades."


adrienne said...

I'd love to see more pics of the roof garden! Hope you enjoy the conference.

Kim Kasch said...

I emailed you some more photos of the process of building the green roof, Adrienne. However, we probably would enjoy seeing the flowers on the roof and such. I'll ask Diane if she has any of those.