Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thought for Thursday - Queries

Query Letters are difficult to deal with. They are beasts actually. Scary, intimidating creatures that can take the wind out of a rhinoceros' snort. Yeah, that frightening to some writers. And why?

It's just a short little paragraph or three. Where you can tell someone about your story. I try to think of it as a chance to sit down and blab with a good friend (okay I wish) but that's the way I approach queries. I think of what I'd say to a friend to get them to read the story. I don't even have to think of the story as mine.

I think back to the last time I told a friend she just HAD to read a book. Then I think about the things I thought were memorable or what made the story worth reading. That's what I share in a query. And maybe a little bit about me and a little bit about my friend (the agent I'm trying to entice into reading more).

Yeah, I never blab just about me, that wouldn't be polite. Okay, well almost never. Sometimes I get carried away and just jump right into my story. But isn't that what you might do with a friend, if you're talking about an exciting story that she just HAS to read?

When you share enthusiasm, it catches on...or at least that's what I'm hoping for.

So happy querying...and don't be so bothered by the beast.

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