Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Review Monday - The Great Gatsby

F. SCOTT FITZGERALD wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925. The setting is the fictional town of West Egg during the summer of 1922, on Long Island.

It's a story about Jay Gatsby and his opulent lifestyle and love of Daisy Buchanan.

Fitzgerald was inspired by parties where he saw extravagance and decadence. It took him two years to write the story and the first year the book was out, it was considered a flop. It only sold 20,000 copies (not really a flop) but Fitzgerald considered himself a failure.

It wasn't until the book became a standard in school curriculum that there was a resurgence with his writing. Today the book is a contender for "The Great American Novel" and a classic that is redone in plays and movies. 

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David Batista said...

Always hated this book. Ugh! Not that the writing is necessarily bad, but the story and subject matter is sooooo boring! So I have no desire to watch the movie, although it does look very pretty. But that's typical of a Baz Luhrmann film. High on pretty, low on substance.