Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Hat

I wanted to make a fluffly little hat for my great-nephew. So on Saturday night I pulled out the sticks (or knitting needles) and some red yarn. I whipped up this tassled topping to throw into the Christmas card I'm mailing off.

How 'bout you, did you make any cool crafts this weekend?


The Happy Whisk said...

How fun is that?

Rena and Denny said...

I haven't, but Rick has. Last Christmas my daughter gave me one of those scarf knitting looms. Well, I never took the time to learn how to do it. Then one day Rick got it out and started knitting scarves! Can you believe it? He loves it and says it's really relaxing. I need to buy that man some more yarn! ;)

That's a great hat. I'm half-tempted to buy Rick the hat loom for Christmas. Hee hee!