Monday, November 2, 2009

Twilight Tour

(Catherine autographed the above photo for me. You have to look close to see my name, because she didn't want to put it over Robert's face :)

October 31, 2009 was the First Annual Twilight Tour put on by the Portland Movie Tours. They provided cold bottled water with NEW MOON and ECLIPSE candy bars and granola bars so we could munch on our snacks while we read our maps and literature.

On top of that, Young Bella was along for the ride. Catherine Grimme, the friendly little dancer who played young Bella in the Twilight movie autographed photos for all of us on the tour. I even had my picture taken with Catherine and her mom, Kim.

It was a day filled with fun, food and laughter.

A marketing and administrative Manager from the Governor's office of Film and Television was along on the tour. She added some great information to the regular tour.

Have you ever wanted to see Bella and Charlie’s house?

Or what about the spot where Eric and Bella first met. He wanted to interview her but she didn't want that much attention.

One of the best spots, I thought, was the Cullen’s house--it was like a wall of glass.

The Forks High School? Also known as Kalama High.

The shop where the girls bought their prom dresses (I even had to buy a blouse there) or
The Thunderbird and Whale Bookstore?
The Thunderbird and Whale is the book store where Bella went shopping.

We even walked down the alley way, where Bella was followed by her would-be assailants.

We also went by the Bloated Toad Restaurant.

If you went on the tour, what would you want to see?


Kelly said...

I'd want to see Edward and Jacob of course! :)
Seriously, that sounds like such a fun tour! I didn't know that the first movie was primarily filmed in Oregan. I thought it was Vancouver like New Moon etc!!

Kelly said...

I just misspelled your state

Kim Kasch said...

Misspelling is nothing most people pronounce it Orey Gone

when really it's Orey Gun

After all, it is still the wild wild west

adrienne said...

What a cool tour! I think the Cullen house is my favorite.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's pretty neat--I like the name of that bar--The Bloated Toad. Cool.
I've yearned to see Savannah Georgia ever since I read The Garden of Good and Evil years and years ago.

Rena said...

Very cool. I haven't read the books or seen the movies, but these pictures are starting to look really familiar to me. LOL @ so many people visiting these sites.