Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poetry Contest

It’s a Dilly of a Poetry Contest

Post a Poem and Possibly Win a Prize.

It’s as EZ as that. It can be on any topic - just remember to keep it kid friendly (i.e. no questionable language or subject matter).

Here’s the prize:

A New Job for Dilly
By Rena Jones
Illustrated by: Lisa Oakman

And, if you don't have a little one in the house, how about a $10.00 Borders Gift Card?

Two possible prizes - one DILLY of a poetry contest.

Come and Play. Just post a poem in the "comments" section of this post and come back on Monday to see who the lucky winner is.


jone said...

Here is my entry: "Copse" in honor of the upcoming heatw ave.

jone said...

Well it would help to add the link! Here it is: http://deowriter.wordpress.com/2009/08/18/one-single-impression-and-news/

Stephanie Faris said...

Cool! I suck at poetry so I'll leave it to the pros!

Diana Murray said...

Jelly Belly

I dreamed I strolled along the coast
while eating jellyfish on toast.
The moonlit ocean ebbed and flowed,
and like the moon, my belly glowed.

Rena said...

Cool -- thanks, Kim!

Did you know that today is National Bad Poetry Day? LOL -- that's what you'd get if I tried to write poetry. :)

Good luck to those that enter!

Lazy Writer said...

A Penguin to Fly

Formally dressed in black and white
He knew it wasn't fair, nor was it right
He wobbled with his head held high
Wistfully awaiting the day he could fly

He could swim, he could slide
He could slip and he could glide
But he had yet to fly and soar
Though he had so much, he still wanted more

He tried and he tried till the day grew old
He kept trying still as the night grew cold
He didn't care about the dark or the chill
For to fly, he would try and try still

Though we all know he will never fly
He won't give up, again he will try
He'll try his hardest till he reaches his goal
Down there, near the South Pole

I'm kind of cheating here. I wrote it when I was an adolescent, but I can't think of anything new today. So you can disqualify me if you want. :)

Gayle C. Krause said...

Thanks for the contest, Kim. It'a always fun to rhyme.


Merriweather Mouse
lived in her house
tucked in a hole in the wall.

She was safe from the cat,
who by her house sat
and waited for Merri, so small.

But Merri was smart
and she wheeled her teacart
right over the sly cat’s long tail.

The cat yowled in fright
in the dark of the night
and he hid in the cow’s milking pail.

Cindyb said...
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Cindyb said...


Yellow sunspots in the yard,
Like a green sky brightly starred.
After time they close up tight;
Open up as balls of white.
A gust of wind will send them flyin',
That's the escape of a dandelion.

MG Higgins said...

I don't have a poem to share, just want to wish everyone luck. What a fun contest!

Stella said...
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Stella said...
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Stella said...

So sorry for the deletions and for messing up the comments section. I'm having a sticky key issue. One more time. Thanks,Kim,for sponsoring this. I love these little contests.

I Had A Bird

I had a bird;
It flew away.
I had a dog;
It wouldn’t play.
I had a cat;
It hit the road.
I had a tadpole;
It turned to toad.
Mom had two sons
They broke my things.
They threw loud fits
And hogged the swings.
But years have passed
Now we’re best friends.
At times life hands us
Happy ends.

Susie Sawyer said...

Thanks for this contest, Kim! :)

When short little Sue
saw the size of her shoe,
never again did she wonder.

Twas then that she knew
she'd have been six-foot-two,
if half of her wasn't bent under.

Susie Sawyer

Kelly said...

Here's a limerick (not the smoothest limerick, but a try)
There once was a rat named Dilly.
Who looked for jobs that were silly.
He looked A to Z.
“Oh, what could I be?”
He said as he bit a pickle so chilly.

Gardens of the Heart said...

Where does it come from?
Where does it go?
Feeling part of someone
Then letting go?

Why does it change
When defining the space?
When we’ve captured love’s essence
In our own special place.

Joining becomes natural
Desire for the glow.
Holding more difficult
Impossible, and so,

I mirror and catch it
Gather with grace
And feel my love’s love
Reflect in my face.


Rick Huddle said...

thanks for sponsoring! Here's mine:

When our tale of misplaced adventure begins,
Jerome was taking his bike for a spin.

He was an accomplished cyclist; he knew how to ride.
But he listened to this little voice inside
that asked him how much fun it would be
to ride his bicycle around, hands-free.

Unsteady at first, but his balance grew
As he took one hand off, and then he took two.

He was very proud of his new-found feat
And would announce it to everyone that he’d meet.

“Isn’t this cool? Isn’t this grand?!”
Then he saw his Mom, “Look, Ma, no hands!”

He got pretty good, so good, in fact
That he rode everywhere with his balancing act.
He rode down the street, and to the dime store…
He’d gotten so good; he’d gotten a tad bored.

So he gained up some speed and, care, be gone,
lifted his feet from the pedals they were on.
He rode around with just his bum on his seat.
Then he saw his mom, and said, “Look, Ma, no feet!”

Neighbors started talking. “That boy has skill!”
“Do you think he knows ‘bout the upcoming hill?”

But alas, Jerome, he did not know
About the hill down which he would go.

And the hill did crest, and over he went.
He’d never imagined- he never had dreamt
that the pedals would ever turn so fast,
and everything would go whooshing past.

He tried to find the handlebars,
But couldn’t lean over, it was just too far.
He tried to find the pedals again,
But it was no use; he was done in.

So down he went, faster and faster.
“Look! Ma! No brakes!” as he flew past her.

And half-way down to the bottom of the hill,
Is where Jerome began his fantastic spill.

You see, there was, in the middle of the road,
A frog, croaking, a red-spotted toad.

Upon hitting the toad, he sailed through the air.
He flew head over heels, and that is where
he encountered the branch of a large oak tree;
then he fell to the ground, scraping his knee.

But he didn’t stop then, he kept on rolling
right into some trash cans, just like he was bowling.

He crashed through a fence, and rolled down some stairs,
and into a yard full of white plastic chairs
And finally he came to his resting spot
when he rolled into a brick wall. You’d never have thought
that good ol’ Jerome could get up from that mess,
but he stood up and walked. Some say he was blessed!

He walked up to his mom, who was shaking with grief,
And smiled as he said, “Look Ma, no teef!”

Rena said...

These are great!

Blee Bonn said...

Thanks for the contest. Here's my entry. I don't usually write poetry but it sounded fun.

I sit here at my desk
These words are just a mess

Oh what am I to do
So far there is no clue

I type and then erase
Overuse the darn backspace

Run my fingers through my hair
Lots of wiggling in my chair

I wonder where’s that muse
Likely laughing in her shoes

I decide to take a shower
The thoughts bloom like a flower

Now the plots are tidied up
The characters won’t hush up

I’m no longer in power
I finish by dinner hour

I yell wahoo down the stairs
But nobody seems to care, except me.

Susie Sawyer said...

Hey Kim, can we post more than one poem?

Susie Sawyer :)

Kim Kasch said...

Susie: Post away. You have until midnight tonight 8-23. These are a lot of fun - judging will be hard.

I'm going to use three people to judge and pick the winner from amongst the ones we all agree on.

Thanks for being a part of this DILLY of a Poetry contest.

Susie Sawyer said...

Great! Thanks so much, Kim! There are some great entries here - I don't envy the judges!

Susie :D

Susie Sawyer said...

I'm not sure formatting is going to work in this small space, but here's one more to add to the mix:


Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m doing fine, and camp is lots of fun.
Each night we have a belching match,
and every time I’ve won.
I pitched my tent all by myself,
and went to bed real proud.
But no one wants to camp with me.
I guess I snore too loud.
I fell and sprained my knee again
when we went on a hike.
It isn’t swelling half as much
as when I crashed my bike.
My friends and I fish every day.
I’m baiting all the hooks.
But when I bite their worms in half,
they give me dirty looks.
I had to shave my head
because I lost another bet.
Too bad about my underwear -
I haven’t found them yet.
I guess I’d better go to bed,
it’s getting pretty late.
I’ll see you both on Saturday.

Your loving daughter, Kate

Paul Michael Murphy said...

My First Dive

Climb the ladder
On the board
Take a little hop.
Through the air
Hit the water
A painful belly-flop.

Stomach queasy
Nostrils tingly
Water in my ears.
To the surface
Stinging eyes
The sound of muffled cheers.