Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Julie and Julia - Crepes Suzette Flambees FAIL!

I love to cook. MacKenzie loves everything French. The two go together perfectly with this book: Mastering The Art of French Cooking - well . . . almost. More like Gran Marnier Crepes - but I'm not complaining. It was a fun TRY.

So, we've decided to do a dinner party Sunday night: MacKenzie, Kara and I will work together to make the meal, like Billy Crystal used to say, "Simply Mahhrvelous".

But . . . I know how anytime I plan something Murphy's Law takes over: Whenever something can go wrong - it will.

So, I decided to do a pre-party test. My husband and I tried-out one of the recipes by making Crepes Suzette, with an Orange Butter, Flambees. (Pages 649-652)

We had a few glitches in our performance but the meal came out tasting, "Complicatedly Marvelous!" A little heavy on the Grand Marnier but oh well.

We ran a little short of batter - we have a lot of people in our family - but the worst part was that the Crepes Fourrees et Flambees are supposed to be dramatic and flame with a short but distinct fire. The fire lit for a second - but you can't even see it in the video.

The recipe says: "Pour over them the orange liqueur and cognac. Avert your face and ignite the liqueur with a lighted match."

I did everything just as directed - one small problem - no flame, or at least not enough of a flame to actually see it in film.

Next time, I'll make sure I have a NEW lighter. We couldn't get the lighter to light enough to put a flame to the liqueur. FLAMBEES FAIL! :(

Oh well, there's still Sunday night's dinner to look forward too.

I love cooking on cast iron but it's heavy and gets so hot - Lars had to hold the pan to roll the batter around.

And, for those of you planning on grilling steak this summer, here's an Oregonian FoodDay recipe that I hear is Fab: so if you try it, let me know if you like it.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Crepes are no easy thing. Just last night I was watching Alton Brown try to master them....must be in the air!

MG Higgins said...

Yummy. You don't mind another guest on Sunday, do you?

Jo said...

Flambeeing one of those tricky feats! I admire your effort and fun pictures. I wish I could taste through the computer!