Friday, August 7, 2009

Earth-Friendly Friday-Knitting My Way to a Better World

Maybe some of you know, I love to knit (see the two hats I knitted over this summer, while I was riding in the car to Eastern Oregon). Nothing complicated 'cuz I'm not that good at it. Just learning so maybe one day I'll be able to knit a sweater. For now, it's hats, scarves, baby blankets and booties. Simple projects.

But, the other day I found some recycled silk yarn. Way excited about that!

Here's a link that might help you other knitters find some eco-friendly yarn. Organic wool can be expensive but I've bought some and made hats and it was super soft, so worth the extra money.


Jo said...

I have always wanted to knit and crotchet. Every winter I make a goal of learning and every winter I don't! I am hoping this one may be different as it may be nice to learn while I am pregnant. I hear it is very therapeutic.

Jen on the Edge said...

I've used that 5th yarn on the list and it's so much fun to work with.

Strange Fiction said...

Oh, silk yarn? Sounds good, I'm allergic to all of the natural wooly creatures yarns and the 100% cotton I've tried makes really thick socks lol.

BTW-I heard Mack the Knife at a T.O. piano bar once and...I can't disagree.