Sunday, February 15, 2009


Poetry is such a nice way to give a voice to feelings. I wrote a lot of poetry when I lost loved ones.

My father passed away in 2002. I wrote and then read this poem at my father's funeral:


by: Kim Kasch

Letting go… is so hard for you
but this is what you have to do.

I know… my passing may be hard to face
but – remember - I’ve merely left ‘this’ place.
So when you think of me, don’t cry,
my soul lives on – it cannot die.

Think of me, with a smile –
I’ll see you soon, in a while –
And then
I’ll hold you close - to my breast
until then – I merely rest.

Still, we can visit in your dreams.
Time passes quickly, or…so it seems.

Think of me: don’t say “goodbye”
Love lives on… and so do I.
I am not gone – I did not die.
Remember that and please don’t cry.

Our Father stands with me today,
I am not dead – merely away.
Remember this and be brave
My soul is not in my grave.

Soon we’ll meet at heaven’s gate,
Until then, I’ll simply wait.
Remember in your heart and head,
I am not gone – I am not dead.
I’m with the Father, just ahead.

So do not think of me in sorrow
We’ll be together – UNTIL TOMORROW


Christina Farley said...

Beautiful! I love it. You really touch the heart of the matter.

Doda said...

Poetry is a great way for expressing the emotions!

Rena Jones said...

This is beautiful, Kim. Thanks for sharing it.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Thanks. I think it helps to share the feelings in poetry.

Kelly Polark said...

Very touching, Kim!

Anonymous said...