Sunday, February 1, 2009


Some of you know, 2008 was a rough year. I suffered a lot of loss.

January rolled past in a blur and I was thinking how fast time flies and remembering...

But, this is 2009, and a new year. Plus, February is a month to celebrate love! And, by writing poetry, we share our love and, sometimes, a bit of our lives.

I thought I'd share a poem I wrote, and read, at my brother's funeral. This was for Jeff.

by: Kim Kasch

So many questions left in my head
So many words remain unsaid
So much in life I'd hoped to be
So much on Earth I'd planned to see

But don’t worry,
God is still working on me.

Beyond this Earth – in time and space
waits a calm realm – a peaceful place,
where souls live on - in warmth and light
here, life continues to burn bright.

It’s here, you see,
God is still working on me.

Life burns fast as a candle’s flame,
when it goes out – no one’s to blame
bodies fail but souls do not die –
love will live on – and so do I.

So don’t worry
God is still working on me.

I was so tired – I closed my eyes
Then God whispered, “No one really dies.”
As he guided me through Heaven’s Gate,
He explained, “There’s more – just wait . . .”

It’s here, you see,
God is still working on me.


Christina Farley said...

Oh Kim. This is beautiful. I'm so sorry you had a rough year last. I love your prayer in poetry. I know that it touched God's heart. And Jeff.

Cate Gardner said...

Oh, that's beautiful. :hug:

Jo said...

Wow...that is a beautiful poem, heartfelt and true. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your poem.

David Batista said...

Such a lovely poem, Kim. It means a lot that you were able to share this with us. Thank you.

Rena Jones said...

That's beautiful, Kim. I loved the last part. So true. Thank you for sharing it.

Captain Hook said...

That poem brought tears to my eyes! You have a real talent.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Thanks guys. It was from the heart.

Jean said...


That one year anniversary is very difficult, isn't it? It somehow makes your temporary separation from that loved one seems so final.

I'm praying the Lord Jesus will infuse you with new comfort for 2009.

Grace & Peace,

Kimbra Kasch said...

Thanks Jean. It's never easy losing people we love.

Marcia said...

Very heartfelt. The emotion comes through. I'm sorry for your loss.