Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween Might be Over but this is one Creepy House

It sits on a beautiful corner in a beautiful city but no one walks on this side of the street, there is even moss growing on the walkways, as if people see it then turn away and cross the street, unwilling to stroll down the same side of the sidewalk.

Apparently it's a house with a haunted history . . . full of memories because no one passes by this house, at least not that I saw. There were trills of laughter and footfalls around me, always on the other side of the street.

Obviously this house has a story to tell because when people are too afraid to walk on the same side of the street, it makes me wonder...what happened in there?

Obviously it was a grand home at one time in history...so why has it been abandoned? The shutters are closed up, protecting the home for prying eyes...except for the turret. . . as if someone could be sitting up in that room, looking outside and watching...

I see the hidden beauty, masked behind years of neglect and I want to pull out a paintbrush and give it a fresh coat of paint, to spruce the place up a bit...
But then I see that "ONE WAY" sign stabbed into the grass out front...it seems to be pointing away from this house and away from this side of the street, like a warning.

I know when I was a child, this boarded up house, would cry out to me...calling me to want to sneak inside and explore the hidden rooms to discover its secrets.

But today, it was a little creepy...even crossing over to take a few photos. As if, I was invading this Grande Ole' Dame's privacy.

Beautiful...in an eerie sort of way.

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David Batista said...

It is creepy, but I love it! I would live there. :)

It kinda reminds me of Stephen King's former mansion in Bangor, Maine. Except his was creepier. Naturally. Haha!