Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When I'm feeling Blue

Yep, I got a new car. She's a baby blue beauty. And she reminds me of my youth - way back in the 60's when bugs (or beetles) were really popular.

So, I couldn't just ride around town with the top down, not without making myself a new retro style foo-foo fluffy baby-blue blouse (see yesterday's post), a hair scarf and eyelashes.

No, not my eyelashes, Mimi's carlashes. You've probably guessed it. Mimi is what I've christened my new car. Here's to Mimi!

So now I'm enjoying the warm weather for all sorts of new reasons. . . he-he and MAYBE I'll actually get a tan this year. Every other year I've only managed to get dark white ;D


The Happy Whisk said...

Love it. And those eyelashes are too cute. Go you. Congrats.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


David Batista said...

Haha, the carlashes were what I noticed first! :)

That's a very lovely bug, Kim. It suits you so well, too.

Have fun!

(but not too much fun, now, y'hear?)

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks y'all :D I'm loving it...even though my hubby and boys think I've gone a little nuts ;D