Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Portland Nursery Apple Festival

Every year, in the fall, Portland Nursery has an apple festival. The sign to look for is the giant apple bobbing around in the wind over the skies of Portland. We always go to taste the apples, buy some cider and bring home a bag of apples--or two. We used to go to get the kids' faces painted, let them paint a pumpkin and to eat some popcorn, caramel apples and ice cream.

This year was no was pretty darn windy. I'd never seen them have to take the apple out of the sky--not until this year.

They had to reign in the red, ripe beauty. And do you know what I thought of...?
 Yep, Curious George...I could picture him floating away on the rope attached to that red beauty.

How 'bout you...what does this make you picture in your head?

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