Monday, October 1, 2012

Movie Review Monday - Resident Evil

I love Alice! She's the coolest. Better than James Bond, cooler than ice cream and hotter than jalapenos. There's no one--or thing--who can compete with Alice. She's the only human who the T-Virus bonds with - on a cellular level.

A zombie apocalypse is such a possibility...that we need someone as devoted to the cause as Alice ;D

Okay, maybe it's a little bit overplayed...I mean zombies going global...hum...

But I can't help it, I love Alice, I love Resident Evil and I love to watch tough women kick butt in movies.

I'm not recommending that you take the kids to see this show but..if you enjoy watching women play the leading roles in the action/adventure/competitive movies, this one is for you. My only complaint is that Ada is wearing a sleazy evening gown, slit up to her thigh, with stiletto heels as she wages war with Alice against the zombie throngs and Umbrella's guards.

Okay, Alice is wearing an S&M outfit suitable to Christian Grey's desires but come evening gown...? It's just a little--okay, a lot--out of place. But setting that aside, I loved watching the two lovely ladies battle together. And maybe stilettos are a weapon, she could kick zombies in the head . . . but I'd have trouble even walking in those wicked shoes, let alone kick boxing but she made it look easy. So alls well that ends well. . . EXCEPT the world is still overrun by zombies and humanities only hope is Alice. . . again. Now, I can't wait for the next movie. . . even if it's only to watch Alice kick more zombie butt.


David Batista said...

As a HUGE fan of the video games, I absolutely abhor these movies. They are such utter dreck, and mainly because of Alice. She's not a character from the games--they made her up whole cloth for reasons I'm not entirely sure of.

That being said, Ada Wong is the only thing they did get right from the games. She may be dressed improbably, but at least it's in keeping with how she appears in the video game Resident Evil 4.

But back to Alice. She ruined these movies for me, to the point that I just cannot watch them. RE is supposed to be about a bunch of ordinary civilian, police, and Special Forces members going up against an evil pharmaceutical corporation and superhuman opponents. Not about a single superhuman butt kicking chick taking on all comers and acting like the whole story is all about her. There so much more to the story in the games than what we see in the movies.


Sorry Kim, but I have strong feelings about this. Heh, heh. :)

Anonymous said...

I love me some tough girls, but I'm not convinced I'd watch this movie.

Kimbra Kasch said...

David my hubby thinks the movies are drivel and my son mentioned that it's not keeping in line with the game.

Thanks for weighing in tho', I really love to hear differing opinions.

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