Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Birthday

It was Luke's birthday and all he wanted for his special day was . . . food. Yep, to go out to breakfast and dinner. And, heck I'm a card carrying Weight Watchers member (and by the way you can join for free until Saturday-just saying) so no one has to twist my least not very hard - to get me to a restaurant. So, off we went. First to Petite Provence on Division. Yep, those chocolate croissants for breakfast are always delish! And while we were there, the owner brought Luke a full cinnamon loaf with a candle in it. Of course the family had to sing and then a sweet young couple sent pastries over to the table (sort of like ordering a drink for someone on their 21st birthday--only we didn't know these people at all). So having had more than enough to eat, we rolled out of the restaurant. (btw: I forgot to get any pictures of the breakfast - bad Mom - so the picture above is the free dessert - a pile of ice cream, I think, from the dinner dessert.) But back to my story...

Then a few short hours later, or so it seemed, we were off to dinner.

So more food and more free desserts and I'd say we all had a very Happy Birthday for Luke! How 'bout you readers out there, do you like gifts or food with family for your birthday?. . . or maybe both...or something else...?


David Batista said...

Happy birthday, Luke!

Yes, usually a night out involving food is fine for birthdays. Once you get to a certain age, what else is there? :)

Kimbra Kasch said...

David: I know what you're saying - but I guess I've never reached that age ;D 'cuz I wanted to get him some little gift, just to have a memory...but my hubby said "NO!"

I said, "But..."

He said, "We just took him to Europe and breakfast and then dinner - that's enough."

But, I still feel a wee-bit sad about not having a gift wrapped and waiting... Just a Mom thing - I guess, or maybe a "Kim" thing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

Kimbra Kasch said...

GG: Thanks :D