Monday, July 16, 2012

Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon

I thought I'd share a few photos from the Sisters Quilt Show. There were over 1400 quilts on display and they were hanging from every building, nook and cranny anyone could find a spot to pin up a blanket. It was awe...mazing. Here are a few that caught my eye.

These were from the Peter Pan Challenge:

But there were quilts of every shape, size and design that you could imagine. Some were appliqued, some were hand-sewn, others were machine quilted.

 Some had appliques popping out of the picture.
Others just popped with color
Some represented origami or different cultures
 And this one - above - had puppies hidden in the design.
Some just reminded me of my childhood. I did a needlepoint of these houses when I was little.
 Some were just full of pretty colors
Some had 3-Dimensional designs
Others focused on animals
 Still others reminded me of my Grandma and Christmas
Others were patriotic

Some had amazing quilting done in the borders. You might not even notice if you didn't look closely.

Some buildings had so many hanging on them and in them, you could barely catch sight of them all.

 Some had quilting that actually made the design look like fur.
 Some just had fun designs
There were wild, wild west themes with cowboys and horses

And some with interesting stories behind them. 
 Some were just fun, with googly eyes and fun borders that matched the design.

 Some were dark but beautiful - like this one that talked about forest fires

Some featured flowers
Some had the moons and stars or sun
 Some birds or music or both
 Quilts had embroidery, appliques and fancy stitching.
 These flowers were embroidered

 There were quilts with pictures of the beach
And everywhere people milled about peeking at the handiwork

 There were boats and baby blankets
Crazy quilts
 Show themed fun

 And nature inspired stories
Some were made of wool, felt, and flannel
Others used recycled fabric, cotton and even hankies. I couldn't begin to show all of the quilts

 Some had cats
 And luckily the streets were closed to cars
 There were fall inspired quilts
Nursery Rhyme blocks

 Holiday inspired patchwork - with Christmas and Easter and even the Mexican Day of the Dead

 Halloween and witches

Even aliens were hanging around

 Some had really cute appliques
Others were just really cute

 People sat wherever they could find a perch, porch or patio seat

 And of course I had to buy a quilting kit. Mine should be done in time for Christmas - I hope
It will help us all have a Merry Grinchmas!

My gfriend Cristy (who went to the quilt show with me) said she would help me if I happen to get stuck

And she's a fabulous quiltress so hopefully mine will turn out.

Plus, while we were at the quilt show, Cristi got to drive a $17k sewing machine

And we took a peek at the Men Behind the Quilt Show.

Sew that's how I spent my Saturday. How 'bout you - what did you do?


David Batista said...

Phew! All those bright colors and crazy designs made me dizzy! I'm amazed by how creative and inventive some folks can get with these quilts. The Peter Pan ones were my favorites, tho. Especially the Neverland map and the Jolly Roger. Love those!

Sounds like you had a great Saturday, Kim! Mine was spent at home working out and writing. Not terribly exciting, no. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What talent and imagination on display!

The Happy Whisk said...

True artists. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Kim Kasch said...

These artists made me feel very humbled with my little sewing projects ;) like being a five year old finger painter looking at a Rembrandt or Picasso . . .