Friday, July 20, 2012

Favorite Stories from My Childhood

When I was little, growing up in a house with nine kids, grandma and Mom and Dad, it was always a full house. And, we only had one t.v. I think it was black and white - for years. We couldn't afford luxuries like . . . even boxed cereal. We sat down at the table, ripped up a piece of bread, poured some sugar and milk over it and Wah-Lah that was our home-made cereal. So...with only one t.v. and twelve people, I rarely got to pick what show we would watch. That's why I read, and read, and read. My favorites were the Oz stories. I read them over and over again. Then I graduated up to horror with Stephen King, Dean Koontz and more.

How 'bout you? Why did you start reading? When was your ah-ha moment? Reading was more fun than just about anything. And what were your favorite books?


David Batista said...

Like you, we grew up with very little in the way of entertainment. Although, being that it was the 80s, we did have one color tv. :) One of those bulky floor model thingies, though.

But, yeah, books were my only form of real escapism from the drudgery of living in urban blight at the time. My earliest faves were the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Read them all! I graduated up to Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, and Charles Dickens shortly after. By my pre-teens, I was heavily into mysteries: Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown -- I was hooked! But around 13 or so is when I got into Stephen King, Peter Straub, and John Saul.

Then in high school was when my sci-fi obsession began--and never quit! :)

Kim Kasch said...

Oh yeah, David, I'd forgotten John Saul - loved him too :D

I used to read Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys too and I read all the Ingalls Wilder stories to my kids. I also read a lot of old classics cuz they were sitting around the house from my grandma. I even read the encyclopedia when I ran out of books. That's one reason I'm such a huge supporter of the libraries today :D