Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Setting the Table

We had a celebration dinner on Saturday and I wanted the table to look pretty. I wanted to have a solid color for the table. Unfortunately, the tablecloth didn't quite fit. So I had to put a tablecloth underneath the tablecloth to cover the table. A little peek-a-boo of floral was peeking out. But, I thought it looked okay anyway.

And, it was a nice day filled with food, family and friends.


The Happy Whisk said...

I like the peek-a-boo of floral. And I also like the word, peek-a-boo. Hard not to smile when I hear that word.


That's great. Cheers.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very pretty table, Kim!

Rena said...

Very pretty!

Kelly Polark said...

Your table looks lovely. Prettier than with just one tablecloth!