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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Have You Ever Forgotten . . . ?

Huskies may not be the most difficult breed but they are definitely up there in rank when it comes to challenging pets. And, I should know, because I have one.

Sasha, my dog, is a very loving dog but she is also a notorious escape artist. She has eaten our back fence . . . twice. My husband rebuilt the fence twice and finally he had to reinforce the wood with metal rebar. But, she still knows how to open gates...if we forget to put the carabiner back through the latch.

Luckily she doesn't have an opposable thumb. Just the other day, my husband took out the garbage and forgot to put the carabiner back on the latch. He went grocery shopping and Sasha saw the opportunity to go for a fun run. She snuck out by lifting the latch and going for a multiple mile run all by herself.

Luckily, when my hubby came back home, Sasha had jumped the fence and was sitting on the front porch waiting for him :)

But that's only one of the problems we've encountered raising Sasha. Another cause for concern has always been her LOVE of food. She will eat just about anything...including my couch. She actually ate one of our couches but she also eats metal, plastic and glass...yes, glass. Last year she ate the Christmas ornaments right off the tree and a few of the packages that were stacked below.

So...this year, I was afraid to put any presents beneath the tree. Instead I hung the packages from the branches--just to be safe. When she left those presents alone, I started piling the packages down beneath the tree.

And, maybe it's because Sasha is three now, and has finally passed out of the terrible twos but this year she left the tree completely alone.

So, the humorous point to this story is all about presents. I forgot about four of them. They were stashed inside the branches as a test to Sasha. Luckily she left them alone. But, then I forgot all about them.

I found one of my son's presents and gave it to him last night then I saw another present tucked safely inside the tree. My brother stopped by today to pick up his present.

Now, all I have to do is get one present to my sister and another one to my b.i.l.

So, tell me, have you ever forgotten to give a present that you already had wrapped and ready?

If so, please share the reason you think you forgot.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I have read that breeds like Sasha take almost 4 years to settle down--they are seriously active--which is why hell would freeze over before I'd get one! And also why we got a 5 y.o. dog instead of a puppy!!!
I'm thinking--I believe I forgot presents years ago when I gave too many gifts out and now I give so few that I never forget any. But our family is much smaller--not very extended at all!

The Happy Whisk said...

I've not done that but enjoyed reading your post. What fun to find extra gifts in the tree.

Kelly Polark said...

I've hidden presents (unwrapped) and then forgot where I put them!

My daughter loves huskies. I can't control my little dogs though, I think a husky would rule the roost!

And my son just got the cutest tshirt of a husky with ear muffs on. It's adorable.

Christina Farley said...

I love huskies. But then I live in Florida so it's too hot for them I think. Sasha sounds so funny! I love her already.