Friday, October 21, 2011


Zombies are hot right now. So for a green Halloween, why not go as a zombie? It's super simple to gear up for the apocalyptic aftermath and Halloween is the perfect time to get ready.

So, how do you zombify yourself?

Just add a couple spiders to your clothes, hair, and head. Use a little white face makeup and some black eyeliner for dark shadows (okay anyone who's as old as me knows about Dark Shadows and Barnabus Collins--I guess BC was my first fanpire love ;) but I digress)... So, some black eyeliner, white pancake makeup and some spiders.

How much simpler could a costume be? Plus, it will be a Green Theme Halloween costume ;)

I'll post some zombie photos this weekend to hell...p inspire you to new zombie heights, after I Run Like Hell - as a zombified old lady in the 10k Halloween Themed run here in Portland, Oregon.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

the walking dead--that's what one of my sons wants to be for Halloween!

Rena said...

Cool hat!

The Happy Whisk said...

Happy Halloween.