Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yarn Winding

Knitting takes time and winding yarn is some of it. I like the knitting part but not the work part. And, I wanted to make some fingerless gloves so I went to get some new yarn. While I was at The Yarn Garden, I watched the sale's lady wind the yarn on this handy-dandy little machine.


David Batista said...

O rly?

I'm in the habit of spinning yarns myself, actually . . . :)

Interesting video, btw. While I have zero interest in knitting, I do so love watching things being made and/or crafted.

Kim Kasch said...

David: Good one :)

Yes yarn spinning is something I too do - in more ways than one ;)

I love watching unusual machines and wondering about how people came up with the ideas.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cool--I know spinners, but I'm not one;)

Rena said...

That's pretty cool. I don't knit, but have always wanted to. My kids gave me a learn to crochet kit for my birthday, so I hope I can get the hang of it eventually.