Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who is St. Patrick and What are we Celebrating?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. The interesting thing about that is he wasn't even Irish. He was actually captured by the Irish and taken as a slave from his home in Britain. He worked and lived in Ireland for about 6 years before he escaped and went back to his family.

After entering the church, he returned to Ireland as an ordained Bishop and worked in Ireland. He became the Patron St. of Ireland in the 7th Century and we celebrate the date of his death on March 17, with St. Paddy's Day!

In Ireland the day is celebrated as a holy day. Here in America, it has become a celebration of Ireland and all that is Irish.

However you celebrate the day and whatever you are celebrating - I hope you have a Happy St. Paddy's Day!


David Batista said...

I'd prefer if it were celebrated more as a religious day here, actually. The way it seems to be celebrated now in the U.S., it resembles more a pagan holiday.

Thanks for the history lesson, Kim! You're a walking, talking . . . typing Wikipedia! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My sons are already building their leprechaun traps.

Rena said...

Great info, Kim! A lot of people don't know that he wasn't originally from Ireland. That's what I love about the curriculum my boys use for school.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Kim Kasch said...

I'm going to be running a 15k to celebrate :) but I love the idea of leprechaun traps. How cool and clever. Hope they catch some gold coins - at least ;) kinda like the tooth fairy.

David: That doesn't make me sound to exciting - oh well

Rena: That's what I found interesting - the patron saint of Ireland isn't even Irish