Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Review - The Bride Collector

I don't usually read books about serial killers but Ted Dekker is an amazing author. I picked up the book in the bookstore and flipped through the pages and couldn't put it down.

It has some psychological aspects that deal with a mental hospital and schizophrenia patients. Since I have a degree in psychology, I found these elements interesting.

I probably won't read another Dekker book for quite a while - since these "true-to-life" crime stories are a little too real for my taste. I prefer my vampire, werewolves and zombies any day to horrible things that can really happen.

But, I have to admit that Dekker can draw a reader in right away and keep them hanging on to the words to the end of the page(s).

How 'bout you reader? Read any good books lately?

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