Tuesday, March 2, 2010


By: Kim Kasch (With help from her Friends Rena, Bob, and Diana)

Women glow – Men sweat
Guys worry – women fret
Women dine – men eat
Men are friendly – women sweet

Women shop – men buy
Men cut – women dye
Women love – men lust
Men control – women trust

Women converse – Men talk
Women stroll – men walk
Men lie – women pretend
Men have a buddy – a woman a friend

Women primp, pluck and spray – Men go any ‘ole way

Women sip – men drink
Women ponder – men think
Men yell - women scream
Men Plan - women dream

Women mope -- men rage.
Men mature -- women age.
Men seduce - Women flirt
Girls like fairies - Boys like dirt

So why should these two ever want to become one?
I’ve heard it’s because, doing it is so much fun.


Anonymous said...

A funny and adult tribute to Dr. Seuss:) Cute!

Rena Jones said...

This is so true!

Kelly Polark said...

Love it!

Brenda said...

What a fun way to see our differences...grin..

Rena Jones said...

I thought of another one last night, Kim ...

Women scream - men yell.

Well, I guess this isn't always true. Some men scream like girls and I've been known to shake the walls with my yelling. But, you get the idea. ;)

Kimbra Kasch said...

I added a couple of those last lines - thanks to Rena

Bob Schechter said...

This is fun. Accepting your blue board invite to add more in the same spirit, here are a few;

Women wipe -- men blow.
Women think -- men know.
Men request -- women nag.
Men dangle -- women sag.
Men punch -- women slap.
Women powder -- men crap.
Women mope -- men rage.
Men mature -- women age.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Bob: I love these. Thanks for adding.

Kimbra Kasch said...

I've added a couple more lines thanks to Bob Schechter.

Thanks Bob

Sam Hranac said...

Great stuff! I always thought society did a disservice to the sexes in the 70s by projecting that we are all the same as apposed to the more accurate message of different but equal.

Write2ignite said...

hehee! Love that! I have a sweet spot for poetry AND posts about relationships. This hit both for me. :)

Kim - we missed you this year at Write2ignite!

Diana Murray said...

That's awesome, Kim!

Love people's additions too.

Especially dangle vs. sag. Ha ha ha!

Diana Murray said...

Men work - Women labor
Gals light candles - Guys, a saber
Men seduce - Women flirt
Girls like fairies - Boys like dirt

kittypye said...

Men are milquetoasts--women are nice.
Women give comfort--men give advice.
Women count closets--men count cost;
Women ask directions--men get lost!

Diana Murray said...

"Women ask directions--men get lost!"

Ha! So true. :)